Jewellery Insurance

It is the insurance coverage of jewelery and watches sales companies against theft and robbery risks.

It is in fact the only "inviolable" and absolutely effective security measure. The only solution, for decades, for all businesses in the industry in Europe and America, is now a feasible solution for similar Greek businesses



  • Damage due to theft or fraud by an employee or by a customer who has received the items from the insured.
  • Damage during work on the item (eg repair).
  • Damage from cyclone, whirlwind, hurricane, volcanic eruption etc
  • Damage found during inventory and loss has not been reported.
  • Damage to objects while used (worn) by the insured or his employees.
  • Damage during a branch or other exposure.
  • Damage to items delivered to the insured by clients for safekeeping.
  • Theft or disappearance from insured's  transport vehicles left unattended.
  • Damage resulting from war, attitudes, squats,
  • Damage resulting from contamination by toxic or radioactive substances.


Additional Covers

  • Carriage of goods and / or cash to and from the store by its employees,
  • Of postal items
  • The transportation and stay of goods at branch or other exhibitions or at the insured's residence.


Security Precautions

  • Alarm system linked to a surveillance company.
  • An approved type safe, preferably equipped with a time delay mechanism.
  • Panic switch (s) connected to a surveillance company
  • Metal shutters for windows.
  • Glass windows with two glass panes and a membrane between, of a total thickness of at least 15 mm.
  • Controlled input / output.
  • Video Motion Detection System (Optional to provide coverage in case of theft using the employment method).
  • Every additional security measure works favorably in terms of risk assessment of the store.


Organization Requirements

  • Purchase and Sales Archive
  • Annual Inventory of Goods
  • Photo gallery of jewelery costing over € 5,000 (Optional)
  • Distribution of merchandise in external displays according to the rules set out in the Policy.
  • Like any insurance program, the jeweler's insurance policy is shaped according to the needs and special circumstances of each insure