Who we are




In the misty crowd of Insurance intermediaries and through the complex range of needs for insurance coverage on personal, family and professional level, in 2001, we created the Key Partners Insurance Agency having the "key" that opens up the prospects of comprehensive insurance coverage life insurance, accident, health and general insurance. Also through our partnerships with insurance companies in both Cyprus and abroad, we offer solutions to specialized Insurance. CEO is Mr. Marios Antoniou with experiences since 1988



He began his insurance career in October of 1988 with Interamerican Cyprus. In 1992 he created his own team until August 1994, which he left from Interamerican participating in the creation of a new insurance company Liberty Life. He continued to work on the position of branch manager with remarkable results. In 1999 and 2001 along with the position held, he finished his studies and took his title LUTCF by the Insurance Institute of Cyprus. At the same time in 2001 he founded Key Partners. He has attended dozens of seminars on sales, Marketing, Management, Psychology etc. Throughout his insurance career he was rewarded for productive results. He was a member of various boards such as from 2004 to 2014, period which he was a board member insurance of Insurance Institute of Cyprus



Our mission is to offer insurance solutions through Financial planning to professionals and individuals as well as consulting services tailored to the continuously changing risks that our customers are exposed to, with the most competitive rates comparing the coverage provided and provide high quality services. We are committed and we insist on identifying and understanding our customers' needs and concerns, and provide professional advice and service the moment you need us.



To be the most proven and reliable choice for private and professional insurance concerns.  



To serve our clients' interests, respecting each one individually, seeing him as a human first and then as a customer.


Why with us

  • We are in the insurance field since 1988 with extensive experience of all aspects of the insurance market.
  • Devoutly serve your own interests, ensuring you the most favorable terms in relation to the beneficial premiums.
  • The insurance and financial planning is our job.
  • Due to long-standing relationships we have with the Insurance Companies we usually offer you better terms and conditions.
  • The premiums you will pay will be the same either insured through us or directly to the Insurance Company.